NCC EFM Tracing Game
…can you recognize these strip elements?
is only necessary to access purchased collections
• The NCC EFM Tracing Game uses NICHD terminology
• External monitoring (unless noted differently), paper speed is 3cm/min
• Collections are larger groups of tracings, 5 tracings are randomly
   selected each time a collection is played
• Select a game collection and click [Start]
• To purchase a collection, select “purchase additional Game Collections”
• All collections can be played unlimited times
• Answers can be selected in any order, but cannot be changed
   once selected
Available Game Collections
Collection A: Free (10 tracings)
Collection B: Free (10 tracings)
Collection C: $3.99 (30 tracings)
Collection D: $3.99 (30 tracings)
Collection E: $3.99 (30 tracings)
Collection F: $3.99 (30 tracings)
Collection G: $3.99 (30 tracings)
Collection H: $3.99 (30 tracings)
Purchase additional Game Collections
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