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NCC monograph “Fetal Assessment and Safe Labor Management”, authored by Kathleen Rice Simpson, PhD, RNC-OB, CNS-BC, FAAN
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NICHD 2008 Terminology, Tiers and Management (reaffirmed 2015)
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Electronic Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring app for ipad
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Global Library of Women's Medicine (
Advances in Labour and Risk Management textbook with A.L.A.R.M. International - participant’s manual



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Epidural Anesthesia for Labor: What Every Labor and Delivery Nurse Needs to Know
Presented in four chapters:

  • the fundamentals of neuraxial anesthesia with an emphasis on epidural blocks
  • the procedure itself, starting with a review of spinal anatomy
  • the medications used in epidural anesthesia
  • assessment techniques specific to the use of epidural catheters

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